It is so exciting to be able to invite people to participate in your project!

Depending on who you are trying to reach, there are a range of platforms and tools that you can use to raise awareness about the issue you are focused on and steps you are inviting people to take.

You can access logos and some #RisingYouth branding guidelines that you can work with to help amplify the support received for your project.

Creating a flyer and sizing it to fit requirements across social media channels is a great first step. This is your chance to get creative and have fun with your approach while also being mindful of the images and words you choose to represent and express what your project is aiming to achieve.

We LOVE hearing about your projects and sharing them across our platforms as well.

click on a photo below to download the full resource

  • Interview Preparation Guide
  • Interview Preparation Workshop Video
  • Press Release Guide
  • #RisingYouth Communications Package
  • Press Release Workshop Video
  • Media Relations Toolbox
  • Watch a quick walkthrough video on how to create your own digital content for free
  • Watch a quick walkthrough on how to collect RSVP's for your event using Eventbrite
  • A step-by-step guide on how to create paid Facebook advertisement campaigns
  • A step-by-step guide on how to create paid Instagram advertisement campaigns
  • An editable press release that you can tailor for your project, with an explanation on how to send out an email blast.
  • View sample posters and draw some inspiration before creating your own.
  • Use this resource to identify your network.
  • Send this media consent form to your participants to ensure permission to share information and media.
  • Use this folder link to download logos for your promotional material.
  • Invitation to be a Judge/Mentor
    A letter template you can use to send to industry experts.