Team Building

Every project is designed to meet the needs of community members.

How you involve people in the process will influence your final outcome! As the person who put this proposal and plan forward, you are creating leadership opportunities with the people on your team

If you currently have a small team and need to expand, it's important to think about the skills that you have and the skills that you need.

As you talk to possible team member, see if you can identify the hidden talents or areas of learning that people are most interested in, so that people have a chance to develop their skills along the way.

Part of working well with others is also knowing yourself. There are many self-assessment tools out there and I’ve also put together a short leadership style self-reflection tool that is included in the hub.

It is important to reflect on the roles we take.

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  • Use this resource to reflect on your leadership style!
  • Team Building & Leadership Guide
    Use this resource to reflect on leadership and to organize your team.
  • Use this quiz to help determine which team role fits best for you.
  • Refer to this resource for examples of team member tasks.
  • Refer to this resource to learn about adaptability.
  • Refer to this resource for an adaptability exercise.