We all have our own unique approaches to planning.

It's important to have a plan or at least some pathway that you have thought through with milestones identified along the way.

In addition to this, it's also important to plan for the unexpected and to be able to adapt where needed when things change.

There will always be circumstances that may set-back your project. In those moments, we really encourage you take a deep breath, and look at options available.

Some of the best plans are scribbles on the back of a napkin, though large sheets of white paper and coloured markers can be helpful to think big and map out timelines, scenarios and work flows. From there, you can create digital documents and make charts, diagrams and written descriptions of the plan.

Explore the resources in this section to help you plan your project!

Click here to view planning resources for #RisingYouth Grantees 

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  • Volunteer Health Checklist
  • Interactive checklist for event planning, sorted by month.
  • Permission to use Work Template
  • Interactive checklist for event planning, sorted by tasks.
  • Goals and Objectives
    Learn about the SMART goals and reflect on your objectives with an editable template.
  • GANTT Chart
    This document has an example of a GANTT chart, as well as a blank/editable GANTT chart for your event planning.
  • Tips and considerations to keep in mind while you are planning your event schedule.
  • Sample event timeline that you can reference while you are planning your event.
  • #RisingYouth Land Acknowledgment Guide
    #RisingYouth Land Acknowledgment Guide

#RisingYouth Grantee Welcome Toolkit
A guide to assist you with the steps along your project journey.

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