When you first submitted your project proposal, you were asked to prepare a budget and consider the costs required.

We strongly recommend you keep track of all your receipts and submit expenses along the way so that you don’t forget the details at the end when it is time for your final report. You may need to set aside an envelope or even buy a folder to organize everything.

It is important to track your actual costs and compare them to what was estimated, so you can learn from and reflect on where things changed.

We have built a #RisingYouth app for iPhone and Android so that you can also take photos of receipts and upload them to our system along the way. These skills are so important - not only for the responsibility that you have been entrusted with as part of this project, but also as life skills personally and professionally.

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  • Honorarium Receipt Template

  • #RisingYouth Budget Template
    Budget Template for your #RY project

  • Tutorial Video - Actuals Vs Approved Budget Tracker

  • Gifts in Kind/Donation Letter Template

  • Actuals Vs. Approved Budget Tracker