June Partner Newsletter - 5 Self Care Tips

5 Summer Self Care Tips:

  1. Rest. Our bodies wear out much easier in the summer months due to heat and being active. We need to make sure we are prioritizing rest and relaxation. 
  2. Hydrate. Keep a reusable water bottle with you at all times so you always have something to drink.
  3. Picnic or eat lunch outside. Have your morning coffee / tea by an open window. Bonus points if you put away your phone so that you can enjoy those mindful moments without distractions. 
  4. Make a summer music playlist. I have so many good summer memories attached to songs. Make a playlist and then listen to it on a road trip, on your walk or on your commute to work.
  5. Visit a Farmer’s Market. They are so fun and the taste of those fresh fruits and veggies is so worth it!