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MHCC Headstrong Updates:

New course on Cannabis and Mental Health - A new resource is available for youth, parents and individuals who work with youth. Supported by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) and the Schizophrenia Society of Canada (SSC), this 90-minute free, self-directed certificate course is designed by youth for youth on cannabis and mental health.  It also includes activities, information and conversation guides for teachers, parents and mentors.

The MHCC’s HEADSTRONG program just wrapped up a busy year with 21 youth summits and 11 check-in events in seven provinces. We talked to over 3000 individual youth across the country about mental health and how to become a community leader for mental wellness. #RisingYouth grants were promoted at every summit. Following the summits, youth applied for #RisingYouth grants to fund their amazing mental wellness projects that included:

  • Wellness and Calming rooms – there are a whole bunch of these now from NL to BC, built by youth for youth to take a break, feel safe, access fun activities and important resources and work quietly.
  • Indigenous Healing Spaces – two new healing spaces were built by youth in schools for education, cultural sharing and use of all indigenous and non-indigenous students.
  • Mental Wellness festivals – with sports, crafting, board games, Wordle challenges, snacks and water fights!
  • For exam time – a healthy snack cart, stress relieving care packages, and puppies to cuddle!
  • Community gardens – planted and decorated by youth as quiet places for time with friends, crafting and a positive environment for conflict resolution.
  • Prizes for a variety of activities including a Kindness Box (names of youth who do kind things for others are drawn for a prize), and a Phone Addiction challenge – (youth with the least amount of phone time across a week win a prize).
  • Muddy Monday – choose a plant, choose a pot, plant it, take it home, love it!
  • Family movie night – families attended a free showing of Spiderman: A Long Way Home and were given popcorn, drinks and candy by the youth leaders.

HEADSTRONG youth completed so many incredible community projects this year! Thank you #RisingYouth for supporting mental health leadership!

TCLI Culture Awareness Program:

TCLI Foundation is organising a Culture Awareness Program with the sole aim to help participants come together to interact, discuss their cultural challenges, and give them the opportunity to value diverse cultures, perspectives, backgrounds, develop empathy, and the ability to overcome cultural barriers to flourish in every area.

Cultural awareness is now crucial in every aspect of our lives to maximise our full potential. Although cross-cultural differences do not always cause obvious problems, it is more subtle in the manifestations that can and do lead to a lack of clear communication and poor performance.

We have therefore designed this to help participants come together to interact and discuss their challenges and give them the opportunity to value different cultures, perspectives, backgrounds, develop empathy, and the ability to overcome cultural barriers to flourish in every area.

The program is currently running with upcoming dates on 18th, and 21st of June and 9th and 23rd of July 2022 respectively.

To learn more about the event and register click: https://bit.ly/TCLI-Culturalawarenessprogram

Saskatchewan Resource for Youth:

SGI has been a supportive partner with the RCMP Youth Advisory Committee and are advocates for promoting RY Grants across Saskatchewan.


Non-Profit Youth Leadership Network (NPYLN) Recruitment Opportunities: 

About NPYLN:

The Non-Profit Youth Leadership Network (NPYLN) allows for youth (aged 16-29) involved in non-profit work to connect, share, and work on professional development skills. Each year, members of this network are provided with various sessions/webinars such as professional development, an organization spotlight, youth panel discussions, as well as a networking session. The Non-Profit Youth Leadership Network connects the next generation of non-profit leaders with each other, as well as give them the tools to work towards their dream roles.

Director of Communications - https://forms.gle/syHNyL2KbCTFLATWA

Director of Events - https://forms.gle/diwfbRxYkYrzygnh6

Executive Secretary - https://forms.gle/Hk9VjqK5TAudJ1zBA

Friendship Circle Updates:

Revolution 4.0

Revolution, going on its fourth year now is an inclusivity and leadership initiative facilitated by Friendship Circle. Each year groups are formed of both neurodiverse and neurotypical participants. Together they come up with a passion project that will promote inclusion in our community. As an example, last year we had a group create an inclusive cookbook, one created a children's book, one created a board game that taught about inclusion. The list goes on!

Each month we meet to have a workshop/speaker to learn more about what we can do to be leaders in our community, and to bring about positive change. Outside of these groups meet typically once a month to discuss their individual projects. Each participant does 120 hours of volunteer service that is centered around inclusivity. This can be anything from watching TV shows on inclusivity, or calling a friend to ask how they are doing. 

At the end of the project, each participant receives a government commendation for their involvement.
Revolution 4.0 will run from September 2022 to March 2023. 

You can sign up for Revolution 4.0 here  

If you'd like to see more, the film below is a great watch!  

Revolution 3.0 Film

August Summer Camp 

Summer Day Camp will be taking place from Monday, August 22th - Friday, August 26th from 9:00am - 3:00pm.

We will be doing day trips into nature, arts and crafts and other team building events. Like most Friendship Circle programs, neurodivergent and neurotypical participants will be paired together to grow in friendship and community. 

You can sign up for Summer Camp here!

Future Ready

Here at Friendship Circle we believe that the future is bright for young people with and without disabilities! That is why we have partnered with Royal Bank of Canada and the Canadian Government to make this a reality.

The Future Ready event is an opportunity for both young adults and businesses to grow, learn, and become more inclusive.

At the event there will be a team of possible employers to advertise their businesses and potentially offer employment. We are working with Ometz who will provide training for the potential employees, they will also provide wage subsidies depending on their disability and hours.

There will be food and drinks as well so it should be a fun social networking event!

Join us on Thursday June 30th for this event to promote and learn more about inclusion in the workplace.


Rebecca Munce 

Volunteer Coordinator 

(514) 735-2255 Ext. 226