Meet the Team

Melissa Yaw (She/Her)
National Program Operations Manager

Diversified access to the #RisingYouth Community Service Grants is an important mandate that is woven into our daily operations and what motivates my work within the program. We are thankful for the incredible organizations offering programming that facilitates the passions of young people and for your continued collaboration in support of increased access and awareness of the grants. It is a great opportunity to support the vision youth have for their communities.

Alex Arseneau (He/Him)
Manager of Partnerships and Outreach Team 

I'm excited to work with our partners with whom we share vision and purpose: amplifying youth voices and empowering them through action! Together we can continue to build a national network of imaginative and innovative youth and help them develop skills through their community involvement.

Gabrielle Chabot Sunshine (She/Her) (Sunshine)
West / Prairies  Partnerships & Outreach Coordinator

Tansi! I believe Partnerships are essential to #RisingYouth / #JeunesEnAction success. I enjoy working together with diverse organizations so that we can collaboratively create safe spaces for Youth to explore and take action by delivering community projects that interest them by accessing #RY micro grants!

Marc Basque (He/They)
Grantee Support for Partner-referred youth

I provide one-on-one support to youth as needed, whether someone is ready to fill out their application, or if they only have an idea for a project, which needs to be fleshed out into a plan and budget. What I love about my work is talking directly with youth and hearing how passionate they are about their projects and the change they want to make, as well as being a small part of helping bring their vision to life.

Sarah Gallant (She/Her)
Ontario Partnerships Coordinator

I provide administrative support for the #RisingYouth program, helping to coordinate contracts and payments to our partners, and ensuring that the Partner Hub is updated regularly to meet partner's needs.  What I love most about this work is having the opportunity to collaborate with an incredible team and so many amazing organizations to bring the #RisingYouth grants to youth across the country, and seeing the creative ways that youth are impacting their communities through their projects.