Partner Dashboard

Now that you've spread the word, it's time to keep track! There's two elements to this: your custom subdomain and your custom database view (or "Partner Dashboard").

Custom Subdomain

To make it easier for youth to attribute their application to your referral, we're offering a custom subdomain name for you to use in your promotions - (and That way they don't have to remember to put your name into the referral field, and we can ensure you have the full picture on your referrals. Let your Partnership Coordinator know what name you'd prefer if they haven't already assigned you one. For example, "Our Great Youth Organization (OGYO)" might request (which will also work at for your Francophone applicants)

Custom Database View

To make it easy for you to track the progress of the youth you've referred through the #RisingYouth grant review cycle, we create a custom database view for each partner. Don't have one yet? Contact your Partnership Coordinator and we'll set you up!

This password-protected view into our Airtable database will let you see the name of each grantee you've referred, their project idea, date they submitted, current status, and the turn-around time in days for their approval (if approved!) One more thing: it will also tell you who has an outstanding report, and this is where we're especially hoping for your support! If a youth you referred hasn't reported yet, we're counting on you to help follow-up with them and provide them with some support on completing this important step.

Even if they've lost receipts, or their project didn't happen the way they hoped - it's important we hear from them with as much information as possible to help close their file on our end. Gathering reports with as much information as possible will help us continue to receive support for the program! We even have a secret link you can use to support youth in completing their reports which does not require the attachment of photos or receipts, if absolutely necessary: (you can mention your name at the end in the "Did someone help you complete this report" field so we have context on the submission)

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