Grant Criteria & FAQs

Before youth can apply for a grant, they must read and acknowledge every item on a checklist, to confirm their understanding of project requirements and guidelines.

For review during the planning stages, we've developed this downloadable qualification checklist with detailed information about requirements that they can review.

When budgeting, there are also two specific requirements to consider around the amount of funding that can be allocated for equipment or honorariums in a proposed project. We provide applicants with a downloadable budget template ($250, $750 or $1,500) they can use to plan their project costs.

  • Equipment expenses can be up to $750 total - so the entirety of a $250 or $750 grant, but only half of a $1,500 grant. We also need to ensure that there are also activities proposed with the equipment that grantees are leading. The grants are not designed to simply address the equipment needs of hospitals, schools or other organizations - they need to enable new activities.
  • While projects are primarily volunteer-driven, we recognize that often youth want to involve elders, educators or other experts in sharing their knowledge and it's appropriate to recognize these contributions with a financial honorarium. Up to $450 (or the entirety of a $250 grant) is able to be paid as an honorarium, although project team members are not eligible to receive a financial payment for their involvement in a project. However, to reduce barriers to participation, team members can be reimbursed for child care or transportation costs related to project development or implementation.

Here are the specific acknowledgements we ask of applicants before they can proceed to the application forms on the web site:

  • My project will be implemented through volunteered time and effort towards an initiative that will positively impact my community.
  • I am between 15 and 30 years old, and am a Canadian Citizen or have permanent residency or refugee status in Canada.
  • My project will be led by youth volunteers.
  • If purchasing equipment, I will donate it after my project to a charity, community organization or school who will support community access.
  • My project does not include making a monetary donation or the sale of items for charity fundraising or profit-making purposes.
  • I agree that the intention of my project is not to benefit a single individual, business or organization.
  • I agree to submit a report about the impact of my project within 30 days of completing my project.
  • I agree to collect and submit receipts for purchases as part of my Project Success Report.
  • If I am employed by a partner organization, work on this project will be done on volunteer time outside my work responsibilities.
  • Participation in my project's activity or event will not require registration or admission fees.
  • I agree that my project will comply with all applicable health and safety guidelines in place by the applicable local, Indigenous, provincial, territorial, or federal governments that have jurisdiction over the location it takes place.

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